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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Despite my prayers, wishes and dreams today is still only Tuesday! I still have the majority of the work week to go, and there is no end in sight, but as a counter to the depressing tirade you may feel I was about to go on, I will acknowledge the potential for things to improve,

Sure I have about 50 hours of work and commute still to come for the week but tonight Shauna and I are headed to a Comedy show, That should be fun, Tomorrow night I get to baby sit my son, usually that is awesome (although he is sick and that makes him only slightly less depressing then the large majority of my co-workers lol), followed by a little thursday night Greys Anatomy (Don't judge me), and finally after that the weekend will be here!

I remember how weekends use to feel in my late teens and early twenties......An overwhelming feeling of eagerness for the inevitable drunken non-sense that is in our near future. Only to wake up somewhere with a violent hangover and the ringing fear that you may roll over and regret the decisions that the intoxicated shell of yourself may have made for you in your Blacked out state.

Situations like I have described, make me appreciate the simple joys of life, like the ability to pee with out pain and eat breakfast without fear of a violent evacuation!  Some people live for those weekends. I am not that person.

I married too young some would say, 23 years old and walking down the aisle. Engaged after 13 months of knowing each other. We just celebrated our third Wedding Anniversary, and next month we will celebrate Carrick's first Birthday. Massive Decisions are funny like that. Looking back it almost feels like a flip of a coin, made by a immature version of myself, gambling with the life that was ahead of him.

Now on one side of the coin you have independance, on the other is partnership and loyalty. I will admit the former would have been the easier path, not as many bumps or turns but you go that path alone. The harder path was what that "kid" chose, one with cliffs and dragons and all types of mythical creatures that terrified you as a youth (mostly about 7 days a month), all in all, it was a flip that went my way.

Now some may wonder how the hell I got from talking about the dread of my upcoming work week to the decisions of my life? I have about as little of an idea as you do. It happened though and isn't that the beauty of a blog? Just random scrapings from the mind, unedited and unfiltered? Well Hopefully or I will never get a fan base!

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